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Last week Life Force Kiosks reached an amazing milestone.  On Tuesday, 10/8/13, we purified our one-millionth liter of water.  The past 3+ years have been incredible, and I’m so excited about this accomplishment.  I couldn’t be prouder of my team.  There have been countless challenges to overcome since this idea was first conceived back in 2010 and it took real commitment and hard work from my team to turn that idea into a reality capable of helping so many people.

Life Force Kiosks water vendor

Life Force Kiosks water vendor

I’m also excited to see that our other products and services are being well received in Kibera.  We’ve cleaned over 5,000 water storage containers, which is another critical way to reduce drinking water contamination.  We’ve also sold over 600 diapers and 70 bars of antibacterial soap since introducing them back in August.

I’d again like to thank Steve, Freddy, our water vendors, and all the people who supported our mission both in the United States and Kenya.  This wouldn’t have been possible without them.


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So I don’t fail to recognize the irony that the last blog post I wrote titled “Momentum” was followed by three months of silence.  While the blog might not have had much activity, I can assure you that plenty was going on here in Kenya.  Some good, some not so much. 

If you remember, back in December I thought we were nearly through the Kenyan registration process to become an official Community Based Organization (CBO).  Unfortunately, despite what we had heard from our contacts in the government, we didn’t qualify as a CBO because we’re run by a management team and not directly by community members.  Instead, we were told to register as an NGO (Non-governmental organization) and that turned out to be quite the lengthy process.  In fact, a couple of months after submitting all the paperwork, we just received approval on our bylaws yesterday.  I’m waiting to hear back on if there are any additional requirements, but fingers crossed, we may be closing in on finally becoming an officially recognized NGO in Kenya. 

There’s been a tremendous amount of less sexy work going on over the last few months as well such as identifying suppliers, crafting training materials for the vendors, meeting with water vendor groups, creating marketing materials, and more.  

I also have some exciting news to share about a few strategic partnerships that are in the works, but I’ll explain more about them in my next post.  Things are starting to really heat up and it’s possible that we could be up and running within the next few weeks if a couple of things break our way (though it is Africa, so you never know).  Either way, I promise you won’t have to wait another 3 months for the next update.  Stay tuned…

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