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I want to share some exciting news.  While this particular trip to Kenya is over, the journey towards improving the standard of living in Africa and beyond is just beginning.  I have recently accepted an offer with an organization called Unitus.   Unitus, an international nonprofit organization, fights global poverty by accelerating the growth of microfinance—small loans and other financial tools for self-empowerment—where it is needed most.   They are now developing new strategies to alleviate poverty beyond microfinance, and I’m very excited join them in that mission.

My new role will regularly take me back to Kenya as well as India.  I’m optimistic that my recent work on the water projects and my new role in economic development will complement each other nicely and I’ll be able to leverage insights from each area to help improve the other.

If possible, I’ll try to post interesting stories and pictures related to economic development on this blog as well as my ongoing work on the water projects.  I’ve added a “categories” section to the column on the right to make it easier to filter posts by topic.  I look forward to sharing a broad range of stories with you in the coming weeks, months, and years.  To learn more about Unitus, visit www.unitus.com.

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